The Mess We Inherited

by These Are Our Demands

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"A fine thing indeed... recalls New Model Army in its 'hate the world' spirit... other reference points might include The Fall and The Cardiacs... despite the all-pervading atmosphere of doom there is a dark humour underlying the whole.” Nightshift Magazine, UK (

"A new beacon in the sea of post punk revival, UK group These are our Demands have a knack for marrying the angular to the textural on a debut that snaps at its leash convincingly... when it wraps up with the sound of rain and ringing guitars I wanna spin back to the start and play it again... F*ck - this is a record folks.” Collide Magazine, Australia (


released February 1, 2016

All songs by These Are Our Demands (Chris Beard, Andrew Wright, Hayley Wright). Copyright control © 2016.
Recorded and mastered by Umair Chaudhry at Silver Street Studios, Reading, UK -
Artwork by Owen Findley -



all rights reserved


These Are Our Demands Oxford, UK

Keeping things sparse, fast & loud, 'These Are Our Demands' are a post punk/newwave trio who love Joy Division, Pixies, The Smiths, Nirvana, The Cure, Savages, Interpol etc along with a load of more obscure (or embarrassing) bands. We love a melody you can whistle, but we also love a fuzzbox set to strip paint. We will sweat for you! ... more

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Track Name: Hospital Radio
Burn the cars. Hide the tracks.
The greater good. The greater good.
The lesser man would let us down.
The lesser man would let us down.
"For king and country", say it now.
Keep this in mind.

Mother, I feel like I'm dying.

My hands are cracked. My heart's a blur.
Fade to black and dream of her.
The weaker man he let us down.
The weaker man he let us down.
"Let freedom ring above the towns".
Keep this in mind.

Mother, I feel like I'm dying.

Deeper now, the light is gone.
Keep me in mind.
Track Name: Little Bug
there are no hands on the clocks in little bug's room
no hands on the clocks in little bug's room
the radio has lost its tongue
the telephone has never rung
in 13 years no fun

little bug has friends who call
Mr Mail and sweet Miss Face
They say "it's alright little bug"
"It was the aliens
They came down from their godforsaken dimension
And stole your rightful employment"

"The metal witch and her vampire aristocrats
They're just myths and stories and lies
It was the aliens"

little Bug has new friends now
Broken cup and the Great Big Flag
they're gonna call him by name

old Bug, he's just a fistful of memories
from dust to dust via sainsburys
Track Name: Armada
In coloured coats and boots and belts!
With scimitars and squat pistols!
We'll steal your books we'll steal your gold!
The greatest story ever told!

Come break your pact with government!
Those bureaucrats and militia men!
Join up, join us!
Scientists and engineers!
Bastard sons and clever queers!
Join up, join us!

With broken mast and ragged sail!
The line was cast we hooked the whale!
The ties that bind are hands that hold!
You're dying here so call it home!

You journalists and escapees!
Cattle for the colonies!
Join us, join us!
Every colour creed and face!
Remade in the pirate race!
Join up, join us!

I’m an Armada man
Track Name: Everything's Dancing
She said “Listen up,”
So we left
She’s still hanging out
In her party dress
Watching for the mythical boy she once glimpsed
Who probably never existed
And on the way home she persuades herself
If he’d appeared, she could have risked it

As she leaves without a sound
As they switch the scenes around
As she closes down

Thirty nothing
She’s a big girl, a big girl
She can save herself
Thirty nothing, a big girl
It’s a sad world, a cruel world
She must save herself

Once she was a wedding song
sang on a weekday
not water in a wine glass
not a single place laid
So hosed in perfume and dressed for defence
She disguises the truth from the others
At mirrors she tries on new faces and smiles
But soon all she’ll see is her mother’s

As the music leaves a bruise
As it beats her black and blue
As she gets confused

If only she could get that boy
She'd hold him to her bosom
She'd kiss him like a poster
And so we'll leave her dancing there
Dancing like a difficult birth
Dancing, dancing

The lights, the lights, the distance in her eyes
The pills she likes are leaving her with nothing
Say nothing now
Track Name: Divorce
I sent the kids, I sent the kids away
I want to throw my life away
Show me the chain, wrap it around me
Throw me back in the hole where you found me
Venus in furs

I want the house, I want the house you stole
I want to burn, I want to burn it down
I want it all, I want it all back

Pretty and mean, pretty and mean you were
Peaches and cream boys, I couldn’t trust a word from her
Brutes in hired suits nothing unusual
Dressed to be wed with your eyes like a funeral
Venus in furs

I want the car, I want the Jaguar
I want to drive, drive it into the lake
And now we know we're not above them
We're not above them
We're not above them
Because we are them

Your dinner’s on fire, it’s on fire
And the dog is coming with me
Did you make love in the talent show curse
While I was smiling in the folds of your purse?
Venus in furs

So I give up, have it, it's yours to take
I want to sink into oblivion
I want it all, I want it all gone
I want it all gone
Track Name: Slow Line
Downs a glass of wine
The walls shift around her
Politely declines
And the house like a prison
The bed's a dirty joke
Not all caged birds can sing
Make the smart decision girl
Stay home, pay off the ring

The slow line

What keeps us together?
Now the summer is over
And so the TV sings
"With this deal you can roam
See the spirits of your friends
From your stationary home"

The slow line

Now the summer is over
What keeps us together?

The slow line

Over and over the sense that it's over
It needs us then leaves us more alone than before
What happened to the man I married?
What happened to the boy I loved?
Track Name: Brother
You never learned no manners
Ten years at Southpaw Grammar
Still you start to stammer as we hold you to your words
Just can't fight the glamour

There is a dark and truthful glass
You won't take to what you're shown
Forever tailored, stropped and honed
His jaws are locked on your past 

She won't get no better
If we just talk about the weather
We were always cleverer than you
And now you'll never sever

While you were shackled to the tide
She kept a vigil on the shore
Our Lady of the Hidden Flaw
The girl with the trick inside

Crows' feet stalk the mirror
Secrets damn the river
Winter makes you shiver with all the things you lost
Still you can't forgive her

You know your name
Come when you're called
Prepare to fall
All things move to their ends

Drinking the night
Stealing the day
Burn out your eyes
Just to glimpse our light